Withdraw Can be VERY severe...

If you can't get into hospital or a de tox centre there are realistically 3 options open to you.



1. You can carry on drinking until you CAN get into hospital or de tox.....

2.You can attempt to bring YOURSELF down by reducing the amount of alcohol you consume little by little, which is the safest way of doing it yourself.

3. OR you can go "Cold turkey" which to be blunt is VERY dangerous ..not to mention horrible in the extreme.



Go to the doctor and plead with him......you could bring your self down with LIBRIUM.. but he or she probably won't give you any because if the doctor knows anything about alcoholism he knows you will use them WITH drink..sending you to another planet....


I consider myself to have a noteworthy opinnion on this because I am a (or was) a chronic relapser.


The dry wretching, and hallusinations and dithers and sweats are grim.


I couldn't even ride my motorbike after my last drink for a WEEK.. because my sense of balance was gone !

And You receive BRAIN damage everytime you de tox.


your walk or gait will probably be "staggered"


forget sleep...you wont get any for at least 3 or 4 days.



Painkillers will put you in even MORE danger if you try to use them to take away the symptoms.


Paracetemol effects will return later if you take too much and poison your liver when youve decided to live !!!



Ibupropen will burn a hole in your stomach. (what stomach you have left)


all in all grimms not so fairy tales.....