The begining of the Begining.


I have decided to write about what has happened to me.

It baffles "myself" so perhaps by writing my story "I" MYSELF might be able to delve deep into my memory and subconscious and try to explore some of it if not understand it.


Started Tuesday the 16th April. 2013..


I 'feel' it. just as sure as I know I am writing this. and from "MY" perspective I KNOW IT !!!

It came in TWO elements.


The FIRST element

I was Gently taken up into the Heavens.


When I was on a earlier ROAD TRIP With a EX GPO Land rover Defender 90.Crammed with with horse shoes, nails gas, forge and tools

with a small ABI two berth caravan hitched up to the back of it, crammed with all my stuff....push bike, 12 Volt TV, VCR, and plenty of laurel and hardy Videos to keep me entertained and sane. Later I will tell you why they helped me keep my sanity and a sense of perspective.


I called Her the "NOSTROMO" Here she is, waiting for our ride over to Santander. Spain.

She never murmured a whisper in discontent. even crawling up the Cantabrian Mountains just out of Santander in a straight line into Cantabria. Destination MADRID . I don't know how it just kept on going and hauling that thing.... I DID have to crank it down into 4 wheel drive and into the LOW gear box because the incline in places was approaching 45 Degrees and the road was icy near the summit.

What I was to see on the other side of the mountains was stunning and a funny tale to be told in the first Village I encountered!!


This was Earlier than my Bike trip.

I drove 10000 miles in Total on THIS occasion Discovering Espana. !!!

All over Spain but this wasn't so bad because I was traveling with my "home" behind me.

I still nearly froze to death in Madrid because my caravan heater packed in and in Winter. Spain has a "Dry" cold, which stings your body like a million pins pricking you. Spain has the highest Plateau in Europe you see. so cold cold cold brrrrrrrr....

Hold a glass of cold beer outside on a cold night and your fingers will stick to it. it's that cold.


This Experience was awe inspiring wonderful. It happened about 12 noon as I was making some lunch in my caravan.

I was sober and felt quite well. I hadn't drunk much the night before.. I was enjoying the the Spanish music and my drinking was quite moderate even !!

As we all know it's not a "binge" there isn't any rush to get bladdered.


I was slapped with an almighty force on my back and SLAMMED to the small space in between the two fold up sofas in the center of my caravan.

Slapped down on my face with an almighty violent impact.


I was not hurt in the slightest, my fall was completely CUSHIONED !! Then I started my ASCENT up into outer space. facing downwards all the time as I ascended.


Looking downwards all the while..

Not easy to put into words. I was being cared for

I was back home.... back in the Womb

I was looking down on the Earth.


I zoomed down to a specific place and could see quite clearly. a specific happening on Earth.

More to come


Date. 6 Sept. 2013