"The DARK Side"

Did the boozing CAUSE the insomnia ?

or did the Insomnia CAUSE the boozing ?


This topic is a very important one because it is an underlying problem of the "loop"...    of booze sleep, booze sleep, booze sleep....(plenty o booze..not much sleep )..

The "FEAR" of insomnia is a very powerful emotion that has a lot to answer for.. never mind the 'actual' loss of sleep itself.

In time the alcohol starts to do great damage to the central nervous system and the sleep pattern becomes completely shattered.

You start going to bed later and later and you know perfectly well that if you don't have 'just the right amount' of sleeping know full well you will be watching the four walls all night long tossing and know !! ..... 'get up and open another bottle'

What a way to live....

It's because you couldn't sleep that you needed to kill off your nervous system some more...up until the point of inialation..then,.. and ONLY then..was a little peace achieved. If only for a short while.

"Then what happens ??"    you wake up at 5am with your ears ringing and unable to get back off to sleep again unless the dreaded bottle gets finished off we go again....


Well there's some good news ladies and gentlemen  !!!

"One of the best prizes that you are going to be awarded is the best and deepest, consistent sleep patterns that most 'moderate' drinkers wont even achieve..."  You will sleep like a small child, and wake up so refreshed and happy about your new found ability to nod off into noddy land that if nothing else, this is top mister motivator on the list of why you should quit !!

You will look forward to going to bed to get a good nights sleep. life will change from that point onwards because your body will be recovering and you will be able to function normally and look forward to the next day knowing that "one" more GREMLIN has been kicked down to the titanium cellar with no magic key....

In fact the natural sleep is 'so' deep, that sometimes you will wake up feeling like you have been drugged the night before !


but it is a "nice" feeling because you can just lie there in peacefully bliss knowing that your body is just re vitalizing from its natural 'charge'..

and you enjoy that first cup of coffee !!!


The sixty four million dollar question  !!!!!

"How long does this take to achieve I hear you ask. ??? "


last edit   20/5/05..more to come



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