How To come off the Booze

OK !

So you've had enough.......

Or at any rate you know there is something very wrong, and you realize that you are not in control anymore.

I want to tell you something of the up most importance before we go any further... and if you are not prepared to take this on board and put it firmly in your brain and keep it there, well then you might as well turn this computer off and go right back to the pub...and this is the information :

Anyone can get sober.....

It's  " STAYING "  sober that's the hard part...

now then.......has that sunk in ?   has it ????


Now I am going to put you in the right direction as regards getting off the silly sauce initially.

This is what I personally have discovered after much experimentation and frustration and tears....It might not work for you. Nor might anything else I portray on this website but I hope you will see the logic in it at any rate.

Get a pencil and paper and jot down the relevant points on this page.


ok..lets get right down to it and talk about our new found interest in the world and all it's glory later...Here are a few things to expect.


Ok we must now pick our timimg...this is crucial for this primary de-tox being successful.

It must be carried out with military precision.( you did most of your drinking like this so it shouldn't be a problem for you !!    ; )


You cannot go out for your final drink tonight and get bladdered on the strength of you starting on this mission tomorrow morning  !!!!!

It does not work that way.

If you do that then tomorrow you will need another drink in the morning or lunchtime to simply function and keep the illness from returning.. you know don't you !!!! But you can already start to see the method of my attack....

Pick the day when you want to begin and prepare yourself.


Get plenty of food in the house because you wont want to see or talk to anyone in the supermarket. Try and buy plenty of fruit like oranges,apples and bananas. These are not difficult to eat and contain lots of natural sugars that your body is short of.

Get plenty of videos or CD's to watch or listen to, mend your bike ..or plan on mending it during de tox  !!

get all your favorite toys together..stuff that you used to mess with for hours on end that got thrown in the attic that was replaced by the booze.


all this because the more you have to keep you busy the more painless this is going to be

At least you have me here telling you that this actually works so you know there is light at the end of the tunnel !!! have picked the day and got yourself all prepared. I assume you have thought of ways to keep busy for the next three days and the really best thing of all to get you better is Long Walks or bike rides...during these few days get as much forced exercise as you can ( after is going to be part and parcel of your new life...and your going to love it..You will start to appreciate being privileged enough just to be alive and be ABLE to enjoy the lovely countryside !)

If you think you can stop right now DO IT !!

If not take a MINIMUM quota today.

Tomorrow is the start..and guess what !!??

your going to have a 'lunchtime' drink.......


WAT !! you scream ......

yes...if you have prepared yourself for the next three days you can go for 2 pints...not 2 and a half or 3   two......

Even non alcoholics can get the taste after a drink your two pints make your excuses then walk out of the door and look forward to the rest of your life...

now go and fix that bike or clear that desk out and get yourself some lunch because what is happening now is that      you have control of your toxification.

You have a couple of pints in you to steady your nerves so the immediate need for a drink has been taken care of. The chemical mess of your system is happy for the time being but you know now what you have to do and everything is now on your side. You know you are going to be ill, no sleep etc....but HEY what the hell tonight is going to be the longest night you've had for quite some time..if not  THEE longest...BUT..we are going to BEAT this DEVIL aren't we !!!

What we are technically doing here is getting the withdrawals over and done with during the night (first night)and then letting the sickness take its course over the next couple of days..

Instead of during the day when the pub is open and your defences are down.

Tonight will be long and hard, and tomorrow will bring its other problems to. You might be sick. I mean really wretching the bile up from your stomach...dont worry just let it happen.You could get terribly anxious and dithery and body cramps etc..its all normal..just laugh it off !!

However if you can't handle it dial 999 and tell them what you are up to...theres more than one way to skin a rabbit....

You need to get plenty of sugary drinks at home. You will have a terrible thirst for sugary drinks for days to come. your body previously was making do with the glucose ridden alcohol. Drink all that you want.

Your body has been robbed of Vitamins too..

Buy some Vitamin B complex and use them all up B3 B6  and vitamin C

You don't need to continue buying them after the initial bottles are used up...Its all in the "mind" after that!..(contrary to some peoples beliefs).....Your new eating habits and mental and physical re building will be noticed and sometimes wondered upon with a certain bemusement..

well lets see how you get on with these next three days..


I am still writing this as of 1st June 05


lots more to come......  stick at it !!

Ps...stay away from painkillers if you can..they wont do any good during this period.