The " Fueller"

This is the name I give to people who can seemingly use alcohol constantly and consistently
without apparently suffering any ill effects day in day out.

Every single day they drink copious amounts of bitter or lager and to them it is completely normal.


These people ( and you know them) would not tolerate or even THINK of not going through the day without their quota of booze..and after work its the same old story..a gallon of lager then home to open a nice bottle of red to go with the tea.....yea...right....

These people have got their bodies to use the booze as a fuel and build up their tolerance level at the same time


If "I" was one of these people I would still probably be drinking today, but as it happens I am the allergic type of alci that gets sick and cannot operate usefully the day after.


YES !!  there are different types of alcoholic, and I dont think the word 'Alcoholic'

all by itself describes this condition very well anymore considering what we know about the subject.


The "Fueller" will be the hardest person to persuade has a problem.

To a degree they can function, their bodies are being smashed to bits of course but that is the ultimate price.

To get a fueller to smell the coffee ( they know they are drinking to much)... and stop is a fair old task

They are probably in more danger than us lot who suffer off the stuff, we at least get the warning bells.


we all know hard working professional men and women who are fuellers.