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welcome to Sober Systems.The "One" Stop- Alcohol Addiction Recovery Resource.

                                                   Where do we go for a little peace.....???   

If you want to get better....

Hang out "here" for a while..

Sober Systemswas born of my own experience...


Here is an Alcohol Addiction Recovery resource for suffering Alcoholics.

Alcoholism is a progressive illness...

In other words, if you have a period of sobriety and then go back to the WON'T pick up where you left off.  You will be a lot worse !!


" FEAR " is the main reason why people cannot ..or do not want to stop.......

Imagining life without alcohol for most people in the grip of alcoholism (although they want to stop deep down) is like looking into the bottom of a bottomless barrel...... with what they think is going to be a miserable wet blanket experience of a life... with nothing more to look forward to....


Hare of the Dog....

There are a number of reasons why you have found your way to this web site. Curiosity is one of them, and possibly the other being...  'maybe'  there is a problem somewhere in your life...?    

A huge problem that exists in our mainstream society today is that the word 'ALCOHOLIC'   or 'ALCOHOLISM'   is associated with a ' set ' mind image that congers up things like.....'drunks' 'no hopers' 'wasters'. 'dossers'..  'scum '.....I think you get the picture........ Mention  'Cancer'  'Heart Disease' 'diabetes',multiple sclerosis' 'parkinson's' etc etc etc and the reaction is of a totally different nature .

But the sad fact of the matter is,  that  Alcoholism  really  is   an extremely subtle, not always detectable in the sufferer, fatal, non curable condition that needs to be put well and truly in the 'DISEASE' category both mental 'and' physical, and oh boy what a nasty , evil, un assuming,dark monster of a disease this is. " It is a disease that installs itself into your very soul...    it is like the most virulent of computer viruses that cannot be removed only quarantined ".

Alcoholism has Physical, mental,emotional and spiritual dimensions.

If it is not quarantined you will die or go mad... Or mug through life with all your gremlins hanging on your shoulder. You will never rid yourself of the shame, mortification and self condemnation that your inner self will levy at you. You can 'carry' on living with the paranoia and the mingled pity and contempt of what people are thinking of you if you choose to do so. You might even get to the end of the line.  You will more than likely end up there on your own though....

This disease will rip the belly out of a person.  It takes life away without giving a receipt back for the privilege.   Someone might say in the pub one night  " well he went out with a bang "   Well actually it was more subtle...     

You might be getting the vibes that I am a little 'bitter' about the whole deal......Well I didn't ask for the dammn thing...and have seen quite a few people die of this disease over the years including my own Mother at the lovely old age of 61. So anyway... I am making the best out of a bad job as they these three horsemen (discussed later) are going to get a ride for their money....

If you arm yourself with a few tools which I am going to supply here, and give yourself the chance that you deserve, well then you can join me and quarantine the devil for good and get some peace.

It isn't going to be an easy road.... There will be ups and downs.

Sometimes you will be ecstatic with feelings of well being, and other times you will be between a rock and a hard place, wondering "why me"...well TOUGH !!!       If all these people with the diseases I talked about earlier had the 'chance' to get healthy again by just not picking up that 'first' drink ... they would swap places with you faster than a ferret down a rabbit hole.!!

And come on...      lets have it right.....   Joy and Sorrow are just a part and parcel of life... and just as important as suns and planets.    Drugs(alcohol)  just disrupts the natural balance. For US at any rate....

The good news is that its quite nice on this side of the's tranquil and calm..and the gremlins are down in the cellar locked behind indestructible doors made of titanium 10 feet thick..!     They cant get to you ...never.....EVER........unless  YOU LET THEM !

My Mission Statement for this web site is simple.

I want to supply hard hitting information about this insidious progressive life threatening illness from 'my own perspective'.  I personally never had this computer medium to hand when I was desperate for information, but was dragged down to the local AA meeting by my girl friend at the time, shaking like a leaf with fear about the whole prospect of submitting myself to sitting in a room full of strangers who I thought where going to 'dissect' me and give me the telling off of my life...

well I can look back with a smile on my face now because it was the best thing that ever happened to me. that we have this computer medium to educate us and you can share in my experiences and learning curve, I strongly advise you to get involved with AA and make it part of your life. Or at any rate give it a whirl. You 'MUST' do that.

I am simply taking the driving seat here and passing information on in a way that is understood by Joe Soap on the street. This information will be born from myself as well as others. As far as "I" am concerned, information about this illness is " open source " and should be distributed fully and with all its entirety through out the world so maybe a few more people can escape the clutches of the devil incarnation.

This disease seems to have been swept under the carpet and a certain amount of 'negative' stigma attached to it.    This thing attacks anyone, and strangely enough has the lions share of 'very' gifted individuals amongst its ranks.  ( think about your own creativity when you are holding the glass...?      haven't you come up with some "blinders" whilst propping that bar up ? )

Now just imagine if you could 'harness' that energy all over again like you could in the past ?  It beggars belief just what you can achieve, but just you wait.........because your going to HAVE to replace all that time that you spent at your favorite hole with something constructive.  The World is out there waiting for you to stamp your stamp. Charge like a rhinoceros and get back in the land of the living again !!

  I have a bit of a 'dry' sense of humor so forgive me if I may sound a little nonchalant about the whole subject. I have found, as have many of the rest of us, that a certain amount of 'wry' humor is a pre requisite to the 'healing' path of our malady. ( if you don't posses it now, you will surely succumb to it...)   "one" of the many benefits........

I have been witness to true belly laughs and roars of thunderous laughter in healing rooms of A.A.    Laughs that are directed at us.. for us.

If you come back and decide that AA is not for you well that is ok. there are a few people who don't use it either, but they have made a choice and you cannot make that decision without first trying it.  ok.....enough on that subject, there is a link to AA at the top of the page for you to get involved initially.

" god grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change ,the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference....... "


Main National Alcohol Helpline.. 0845 769 7555

Blackpool helpline......               01253 792632      between 8am  and  11pm. 

complete confidentiality.  


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